Why We Are Different

Our approach reduces the need for and cost of treatment and avoids expensive on-going check-ups. Effective treatment means you either get better quickly or have a clear plan of how to progress over time. Because our treatments are based on science we are able to optimise your recovery and help you become your own physio.

So, if you’ve had pain, for a shorter or longer period, and been unable to function at the level you desire we can help you understand the reasons and change the causes, for a quicker recovery and a longer lasting outcome.

How Do We Do It?

We apply a Cognitive Functional Therapy approach to your recovery:

By following the up-to-date research and putting it into practice, we can reduce pain, disability and costs more quickly with longer lasting results.

Cognitive Functional Therapy (CFT) is a progression of physiotherapy, based on good scientific evidence. It targets the particular  problems of each individual, looking at what drives barriers to recovery. Examples are recent stressful events and situations, work problems, family issues, beliefs, patterns of physical movement, information from medical consultations and mental state. This can all affect our pain, behaviour and movements.

People in pain need to understand why they have their pain, have a means to control it and a plan to attain meaningful goals. CFT ticks all these boxes. It works with patients to make sense of their problem and to take them on a journey back to normal and the things they love.

When people feel pain, their nervous system reacts, as pain is interpreted as a threat. That reaction can take many forms. If we were to hold a gun to your head a number of things will happen, some of which you are aware of and can control. Other things you are unaware of and unable to control, such as pupil dilation, raised heart rate and increased sweating.

If you were then told that it was a toy gun your system will immediately respond and start to calm down. Why? Because both reactions are based on the same thing, a thought. Firstly, you thought you were going to die and then secondly you thought you were safe.

This indicates that how we think can change how our body behaves. These changes in the way we move and function can then result in pain.

In practice, the body alters its ways of moving based on protecting a pain that we believe to be damaging. This thought can prolong the problem. The longer it continues the more we protect and then you have a problem. A CFT assessment can identify the reasons that maintain these problems. Once identified, changes can result in rapid improvement in both pain symptoms and abilities.

Our motivation is for you to improve and not need our help.

In the absence of disease, the human body does not need treatment. It needs coaching and that’s what we do, we coach!  We don’t do most traditional treatments because they have been shown to be ineffective.

Our knowledge, clinical reasoning and skill in treating are all based on contemporary research. The CFT approach has been shown to be significantly more effective than traditional care.

You will have our full attention throughout your journey, with a clear understanding of the reasons for and causes of your pain. This is combined with a structured plan to progress towards normal in the shortest possible time.