Online Consultation is Effective and Convenient

physiotherapist near me - is it always necessary?

To book an online consultation, call me on 01392 949032 or email me at and we can make the arrangements.

If you have a pain problem you might well start your search on the net by looking for the following:
“A physiotherapist near me…”
“A sports physio near me…”
“A private physiotherapist near me…”

Or, given the pandemic at the end of 2020, even “Are physiotherapists open?” at all.

Well yes, physiotherapists are open, taking special measures as I do here at Neil Davey Physio, to protect you and myself. I follow the guidelines from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

A Physiotherapist Near Me

Until the pandemic hit, almost all physiotherapy consultations were face-to-face Most physios were unsure that online consultation would be useful or acceptable to patients. So people searched for physios in their localities.

That has now all changed. I have found that patients are ok with remote consultation and, while they are not ideal in all situations, a video session can be very effective.

Telephone consultations are the first line of remote treatments. I can get a really good sense of how a person is managing and what their history is by having a call with them. This usually takes half an hour or more.

Online Consultation

First, we have to decide that I may be able to help you with your pain or other physical problems Then we can schedule an online consultation via Skype or Zoom (or AccuRx if you are referred by the NHS). This means I can see you and judge how you move about and what your typical postures are like.

Video consultations, also known as online consultations, can be very effective in helping manage pain problems. Even though I can’t put my hands on the person and guide their movement, we very quickly get to understand how we can work together.

Overall, as with many people I expect, the success of online consultation has been a surprise to me. A surprise in that people readily accept them as reasonable and a surprise in how effective they can be.

If you have a pain or disability problem that you would like help with, you can see me at Neil Davey Physio or we can have a video consultation. So, searching for “a physiotherapist near me…” doesn’t seem anywhere near as useful as it was before the pandemic hit.