We are experts in any musculoskeletal  pain and movement dysfunction and apply the same level of expertise and customer service to all presentations and all patients.

We aim to help you regain your health and get back to doing the things you love using the latest approach and getting the best results with the least treatment.

You have all the answers to your problem if we, as physios, take the time to listen and then understand the answers when you present them.

We always take the time to listen to your story and understand it when we hear it. Then we help you understand your issues and together work out a treatment plan with achievable goals. This leads to quicker, long term results.

Low Back Pain & Neck Pain

Low Back Pain Physiotherapy

Traditional treatments for back and neck pain are largely ineffective. Get better results that last with less treatment

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Sports Injuries knee injury

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

In a sports injury, tissue damage is less common than you expect. Understand this and return to sport much faster than you think.

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occupational health physiotherapy

Occupational Health

Human factors in the office are more important than equipment. Being comfortable at work is easier and cheaper than you think.

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Cognitive Functional Therapy

About CFT

Cognitive Functional Therapy has quicker and longer lasting results than existing treatments. It works for all people and all pain presentations.

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St. Leonards Medical Practice

Benefits of Neil Davey Physio

We don’t want you to need treatment. We want you to understand your problem so you can quickly and effectively reduce your pain and return to normal.

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