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Do you suffer with severe pain in your neck or back? Are you looking to avoid surgery?

Have prescription pain pills, injections, traction, therapy, acupuncture, manipulation or surgery failed to ease your pain?

Let’s face it.

Neck pain or lower back pain can be brutal and wear you down over time. Resulting in you changing your life or being unable to live your life because of it. Those who’ve never had it simply can’t understand.

Often, we’re told that the cushions in your spine, called discs, get injured or wear out, causing pain. And that disc bulges or herniations then press on the delicate spinal cord and nerves. Luckily, for the vast majority of the people that simply isn’t true.

Physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic have been shown to provide only short term relief. When we don’t recover, we start to consider surgery to relieve our back or neck pain. Although surgery may be effective for some conditions, it is not successful for back or neck pain.

Despite this, surgery is the most common major treatment for back pain. Privately this could cost you a lot of money and NHS waiting lists are long. [there aren’t many other invasive ones]

Before You Think about Having Surgery

You should seriously consider the innovative and increasingly well-researched physiotherapy technique called cognitive functional therapy or CFT.

CFT is a science-based development of traditional physiotherapy. It combines physiotherapy assessments and treatment with the psychological approach of cognitive behavioural therapy, which has very good evidence for helping people change how they do things.

There is growing research evidence for the effectiveness of CFT in helping people like you improve their lives when you have back or neck pain. And it’s much more effective than standard therapies.

CFT explores in detail the movements, behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and thinking of someone as they affect what that person does day to day. It looks for what is blocking progress, what’s getting in the way of you being better, and explores ways of getting over those blocks. You already have all the answers to your problem and we can discover them and help you change.

  • If you’d like a chat about whether this effective treatment can work for you, call me with no obligation on 01392 949032 anytime day or night. If I dont answer then leave a message and I’ll call you right back.

Proof CFT Treatment Works

CFT “…significantly reduced functional disability and pain among people with disabling NSCLBP. Furthermore, these improvements were maintained 12 months after the intervention.” Physical Therapy 2015. (NSCLBP is back pain of non-serious origin which has continued for more than six months).

“…cognitive functional therapy produced superior outcomes for non-specific chronic low back pain compared with traditional manual therapy and exercise” European Journal of Pain, 2013.

And even though it’s not scientific evidence, I have the records of many people who turned their lives round after seeing me. They went back to work and got on with things, in the confidence that their backs were strong and capable.

One (very strong) man was in a hospital bed on Tuesday evening with acute back pain but after a consultation I had him lifting 200 pounds off the floor on the Friday! So CFT does work and it’s works very well, And it can work for you.


Here’s What to Do Now:

It’s time you found out if CFT will be your back pain or neck pain solution. While the lockdown for the pandemic continues, I’m running a special offer where you can find out if you’re suitable for my effective online service for spinal pain.

The great news is the research shows that the CFT approach can be just as effective via remote consultations, making it perfect for the current situation.

If you, a friend, a loved one, or a co-worker are suffering, call 01392 949032 for a FREE, no obligation chat and I will listen, really listen, to the details of your issue. You’ll get to discuss everything first hand and find out if this effective treatment will be your pain solution, like it has been for so many other patients.

Due to the demand for this service, I suggest calling my office on 01392 949032 anytime day or night. Just call before this offer expires once the lockdown eases and we can all go about our normal business. ­


Best wishes and please stay safe,


Neil Davey B.Sc.(Hons), MCSP, HCPC.

PS I can’t guarantee you won’t need surgery. No one can. Not to mention it’s illegal to guarantee results! But I can promise you the longer you wait to solve your problem, the worse it will get.

PPS Make the change today. Don’t wait. Your back and your life are too important. Call day or night on 01392 949032. If you get the answerphone, leave your name and message to reserve your spot. I will personally return every phone call, so you are certain to get the care and attention that you deserve.

Neil Davey


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