Low Back Pain Physiotherapy

Low back pain physiotherapy is often not very effective. So many people struggle with back pain and neck pain, and many of them continue to have on-going maintenance treatments.

Often we are lead to believe that we need regular treatment to maintain our situation

Many believe they have prolapsed discs, wear and tear and instability due to what they’ve been told. Guess what? These things also occur in people who have never had back or neck pain.

Back and neck pain is 95% due to how we use our body, what we believe and how we think. This is good news because it can be changed. Without manipulation, without core stability, without ultrasound and without corsets. And without you needing to protect your back or be fearful.

Will quickly identify the factors driving your pain. We then set about showing you how to change these factors, often resulting in a rapid improvement in your pain and abilities.

I’ll coach you on your journey back towards normal, guiding you to maintain the momentum of your improvement. I want you to learn to be your own therapist so you don’t need me any more to manage your problems.

Low back, neck or any other pain due to a serious underlying medical condition is very uncommon. However, should this be the case, I have the skills and expertise to identify this quickly and to refer you promptly to the appropriate medical expert.

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